Jeanne Blakeslee, APRN, PMHNPBC

My passion is working with people who want to make their lives better. We all want to have happy and meaningful lives, but sometimes we get stuck and need some help. My evaluation is very thorough. I use evidence-based (research proven) practices in my interview to determine if you have a diagnosis that medication can help. If so, we discuss options that may improve the quality of your life. You will find that I truly seek to understand you….. who you are, how you feel, and why you feel the way you do. Some of the nicest people I’ve ever met – are my clients. I would be honored to meet you.

Many people are very anxious about seeing a psychiatrist for the first time. Nurses are highly trained in communication, and have a great deal of experience making people comfortable. I think you will find that your evaluation goes much smoother, and is much easier than you expected. People are smart, and can pick up on disingenuous care – and genuine care.

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